Information for patients and families


How can this service help you or a family member with difficult symptoms feel better?

When people have a serious illness with symptoms like pain, poor appetite, poor or not enough sleep, and constipation, they want these symptoms to go away or lessen, but also they don’t want to have to go to the doctor—they want to stay at home.

But for people with such symptoms, to get the right and helpful treatments, somehow doctors need to have complete and up-to-date information about these symptoms.

This service gives people a questionnaire about symptoms on their cell phone (an “app” or application), which they can complete from home and send to their doctor over the telephone. The questionnaire is in either English or Bangla, and there is an audio component so that people who cannot read can still answer the questions. If needed, people can send such reports every day. Amader Gram has developed and used this questionnaire app with hundreds of Bangladeshi men and women who have found it very easy to understand and use.

Doctors can then see English summaries of these questionnaire reports at the Amader Gram website and recommend treatments. When reports are sent in by people, and when symptoms are very bad or changing, the Amader Gram system sends e-mail or telephone text alert messages to their doctors.

By giving doctors regular and up-to-date symptom information, people can get faster and more effective treatment for their symptoms.

How can patients and their families get this service?

Family members can feel more comfortable that their loved ones are cared for

To get help with managing symptoms of serious illnesses, patients need a doctor. So, the first step in getting this service is to talk to your doctor. You can either just tell him/her about this website (, or you can print off the Doctor information page from this website and give it to your doctor (click here to print this Doctor information page).  If your doctor agrees to use this service with you, all he or she has to do is call the Amader Gram office at +88 01730013709, with your name and telephone number and his/her name and telephone number. Amader Gram staff will then make all the arrangements by calling you and the doctor as necessary.


How much will this service cost?

Amader Gram will ask you to pay to Amader Gram directly, 300 Taka per month to use the service, which payment is for Amader Gram receiving the reports, and organizing reports summaries on the website for the doctor to view. If you do not pay, then there will be no report summaries on the website for the doctor to see. Amader Gram will work with you about how it can be easiest to make this payment.

To pay the doctor for his/her ongoing care, and to ensure good record keeping and proper prescribing sometimes of narcotic medicines, the patient or a family member will be required to have a  paid-for clinic visit with the doctor at least every two weeks.